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Compare with other soft

Comparison Between Other CAD Software's With GT CAD.



Other Software


User friendly and Windows environment.

Not user friendly, most of the CAD system converted to Unix based system


Easy to learn. If anybody knows Microsoft word and pattern making can easily learn it within very short time.

Software learning is not so easy due to system Inherited Unix Platform.


Easy on screen Pattern Design and Grading by operator.

Critical process of Designing Pattern and Grading.


World fastest auto marker. Available with Software no extra charge required.

Auto Marker is not available with all other software Or Reseller sale it separately with high charge.


Hi efficiency Auto marker ( more then 90% ) which can be used at production level.

Automarker efficiency is very low and cannot use for production level.


Mini marker can easily plot by any printer .No extra configuration required.

Mini marker can be printed by any printer, but printer configuration is very much complicated.


GT CAD can convert almost any CAD software file in the world ( Easily convert Lectra , Gerber, Investronica, Optitex or any other cad system in the world )


Conversion is not available or Maximum one or two converter is available. Extra payment required for converters.



It can open all CAD file. So any other cad file can be open which buyers send.

If your buyer uses other software you cannot open his file in your CAD system.


GT CAD supports any third party plotter & Digitizer.


No third party hardware is supported.



Very cheap compare with other system and service.

Very much expensive. Offer given to user by Separate Portion with Separate Pricing.


Maintenance free software & Hardware

Software and hardware need regular maintenance that can create problem for production.


Plotter ink and spare parts can be available in local market and production costs become very low.

Plotter ink and spare parts not available in local market, rate is very high and not easily sourcing all time. Production cost is too large.



Life time free software updates and support

Software update may available with extra charges.


All option enable ( No hidden option )

Lots of hidden Options. To enable hidden option extra charge demanded by the Vendor.


Highly stable system . So Developer Highly conscious about user friendly environment, operator and computer system. That's adding Out standing function to GT CAD.

Developed for high end systems and users. Need extra care for stable systems.

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